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The Anatomy Of Six Pack Abs

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

I’m sure if I asked you right now to name someone with glorious six pack sexy abs you probably could do it in less than 5 secs (my mind goes straight to Cristiano Ronaldo) or maybe you could answer even quicker than 5 seconds.

These washboard abs are something to totally drool over and get all hot and bothered about. But man does it take some serious dedication to get to have the chiseled six pack.

I heard somewhere (could totally be false since it’s not backed up by research) that Ronaldo does 1000 ab exercises a day!!! What in the heck!?!? We all don’t have time for that since we are not professional soccer players (but totally have the game to be one, right?)

So what is so special about abs since the majority of us do not have less than 10% body fat and workout 8 hours a day for our work. Well there are some interesting facts that I’m sure you didn’t know about the abdomen. In fact, I think you will be quite pleased (and proud) after reading these facts about your core...

Your abs (aka Rectus Abdominis) are one sheet of muscle. They are split up by intersection

tendons that give the pouches or individual packs. Therefore, when you’re “targeting” your lower abs you’re truly working out your rectus abdominis.

The Rectus Abdominis is a parallel muscle. That means the muscle fibers run in a parallel direction. Parallel muscles are notorious for being weak muscles. Therefore, the intersection tendons break up the muscle to increase its strength and power.

The lower pack of your abs do not have an intersection tendon. This anatomical structure is designed for pregnancies. If there was an intersection tendon in the lower abdominal region the belly would not be able to expand as the fetus grows. Because the intersection tendon is absent, a pooch can be presented.

You have a six pack while resting on the couch. This theory of having to work for a six pack is an illusion because you already have one. The difference between chiseled and fluffy six pack abs is that one is covered by my adipose tissue (fat).

Therefore, your goals shouldn’t be to build a six pack it should be to decrease your adipose tissue.

You hear that? You already have a six pack! You can totally brag about that because it is a

fact. Additionally, some slack should be cut since we have been given this anatomical structure and gift to not have a lower intersection tendon to be freaking awesome and house a baby in us (you go girl!)

Don’t beat yourself up so much about these abs you’re in search for! You already have them. Do me a favor will ya? Post a photo of you and your beautiful six pack (with or without excess adipose tissue on it) and tag me in it (@thedanijonesmethod Facebook and instagram). You are beautiful and should celebrate your body any and every size!

In Love & Exercise,

Dani Jones

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