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The worst time of year for fitness

This is the worst time of year for health and fitness industry. And you're in the line of fire

The New Years Resolution Train is here and it capitalizes on your fear, your body, and mental health

Tactics I often see ...

"New Year = New You"

"Work in the winter for your summer bod"

"shred the holiday weight gain in “x” weeks"

These messages are deliberate to make money but they aren’t looking out for you at all, instead it promotes…

  • Body image issues

  • negative association with exercise

  • “all or nothing” mentality

  • decrease ability to adhere to program or success

  • yo-yo dieting/exercising

Your body size is not a reason for coaches, trainers, and medical professionals to make money.

And if they cared about your success then they wouldn’t be attacking your body image

If you have been attacked by these type of messages ... I am deeply sorry.

because the fitness industry could do so much better, could lead better, could promote your health better. We’re just not there as a whole yet

Instead of attacking your fear, how you look and your mental health these are the questions that should be asked of you:

  • Tell me about your goals

  • what do you want to accomplish

  • What excites you

  • Who or what is your motivation

  • What don't you like to do

  • How would you like to feel

These are the kind of questions I ask my clients because these answers you give will help me understand how you can be the most successful with your programming.

If you’re planning on starting the new year with some health goals in mind, Remember these things….

  • Start small and work your way up

  • Never discredit a 10 min workout

  • don’t underestimate walks

  • avoid streaks as recovery is needed for muscular adaptations

  • try something new

  • ditch the “all or nothing” mentality

  • exercise is NOT a punishment!

  • Focus on ability goals not looks

  • don't do things you hate (ex: running)

  • opt for outside time

There’s nothing wrong with using the New Year to kick off great momentum towards your goals.

But your relationship with exercise and body image should not be compromised for it.

Now go chase after those goals, I'm rooting for you!


Your Strength Coach

Dani Jones

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