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Tight Hamstrings? You NEED This!

The most common thing I hear in runners is “ My hamstrings are always tight”. And to follow “I stretch them ask the time but nothing seems to work”

If this is you, you’re reading the right post because we are going to cover exactly why that’s happening.

The feeling of Hamstring tightness is extremely common for several reasons

1 - Muscular Imbalances. Running is a quad dominant movement with the force absorption occurring through the foot and up through the leg, thigh, and hip as you plant down with each step. With repetitive movements requiring the quad to work, the hamstring could be left out a little if strength training isn’t happening. Therefore muscular imbalance between the quad and the hamstring is created.

2- strength training is not happening. There is something about strength training that turns off runners. I would believe it to be the common myths around “weight lifting makes you bulky” can create a sour taste in one’s mouth about pumping some iron. Additionally, some may not find strength training entertaining. Regardless strength training is critical for overall athletic performance and health, especially for the hamstrings.

3- anterior pelvic tilt or posture - due to muscular imbalances and repetitive motions, there can be a great pull on the anterior side (front side) of the hips. This can pull greatly on the pelvis to tilt forward and thus lengthening the hamstrings, making them feel tight because they are being overstretched. Therefore, stretching will do no good for you.

In conclusion, the hamstrings are not typically tight if you feel that sensation. In contrast they are more than likely to be weak and overstretched. Therefore, a quick easy fix would be to start adding strength training to your routine and that should immensely help your tight hamstring feeling!

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