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COVID-19 Outbreak Got You Stuck At Home? Now What?

This COVID-19 outbreak has gotten everyone and their nerves on high alert. And with schools shifting to social distancing and online lectures things are really starting to go bonkers. Being a higher educator who teaches labs, it has given me even more time at home than I already had. Perhaps you’re in the same boat, at home waaayy more than you’re used to… so now what do you do?

Well I have compiled a list of things to do to keep you occupied during this time of being homebound. This list can even enhance your health, mentally and physically. Here we go…

Get Those “To Do’s” You Normally Don’t Have Time To Do.

This depends on how you look at it, dread

it or love it. It could be chores that you have been putting off for weeks or months (I mean it could have been put off for years too). Or perhaps a home project to enhance your office since you may have to be occup

ationally productive and be working from home now. Regardless of what the “To Do” is, checking that box off the list could decrease your clutter, create a positive working space or a new movement space, additionally it can increase your mental space and health!

Participate in Hobbies You’ve Been Dying To Do.

You know that board on Pinterest that has 1,000 pins that you always say you will get to? But you haven’t had the chance to get to it because you never have the time for it. Ya, well what better time than now? You have the ability to start allowing the crafting juices to flow freely from you! I mean the possibilities are endless such as arts and crafts, activities with the kids, or maybe attempting those baking recipes that look so delicious on paper. Whatever it is that you attempt to perform, tag me in your progress.. I’d love to see what you’re working on.

Practice SPACE (Mental & Physical) at Home

Let’s be 100% real here if you are now having to come home and stay there with other people for long periods of time than sh*t can get real ugly and quickly. Whether it is spending all of these new priceless moments with your lovely spouse, those precious angelic children of yours, or perhaps those creatively messy roommates that you have, whomever you live with will bring you great joy or great frustration. Long periods of time with those you love most can bring your mental health tank completely empty. Therefore, it may be a good idea to practice spacing within your home sometimes.

Do Some Kind of Movement!

Movement will help your body stay healthy over long periods of time. Plus it can help break up the couch bound feeling when you are “bored” because it's the “X” day home on this staycation. Movement will also help keep your muscles from atrophying (shrinking) and keep your body from feeling like you have aged 20 years in a matter of 2 weeks. Even better, walking outside or workouts on your balcony can make that experience even better, of course depending on the location you live in will determine how much space you are truly given to stretch those legs of yours.

Drink Water!

Not only will water help with normal functions of your body but it will also help curb any boredom eating. Drinking water will help decrease the extra calories that can be consumed because there is “nothing else to do.” You won’t feel so sluggish either. Recommendation for water consumption is half of your body weight in ounces.

With not knowing how long this will last, the best thing we can do is stay positive and do some good for our own health and wellness. With the endless possibilities to be creative with how you spend your time, this staycation will be a great opportunity to work on ourselves, our mental & physical health, and to have some fun in the meantime!

In Love & Weights,

Dani Jones

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