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Tracking Your Period

I asked in my stories whether you track your period or not. There’s still a good chunk of individuals who don’t track it.

Now of course that is your choice of whether you want to track it or not but hear me out on why you should track your menstrual cycles...

I have all my ladies that I coach track their periods. Yes I believe in this that much. Not only in programming their fitness program along with their period but it’s important for their general health too!

Tracking your period has many benefits:

🦈 track normal or abnormal female physiology

🦈 find averages and trends within your body

🦈 Recognize how your individual body changes monthly

🦈 Recognize any recurring symptoms

🦈 Help with family planning whenever you’re ready

🦈 Optimize your exercise behaviors and performance

🦈 It’s freaking empowering to know what’s going on in your body

So I created this post in case someone was interested in tracking their periods but don’t know how. Be sure to look through the slides!

Speaking of periods....

Do you have a name for yours??? I’ve heard some clever ones (shark week, moon week) and I’m curious what do you call your period week? Comment below


Having a period is normal! Not having a period is abnormal (unless medically induced due to a condition/disease/disorder that you’ve spoke with your medical provider about). I am not a medical professional and this post is not intended to diagnose but rather be an educational post. Please speak further with your medical provider / gynecologist about your periods.

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