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Strong Mom Lab

3rd Trimester program

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This program is designed to help you get strong and keep that strength all while being pregnant and in your third trimester!  


Too often I hear women say that they are scared to workout once becoming pregnant.  There is this taboo surrounded by the fact that we all the sudden become fragile and brittle, ready to snap a bone all because we are creating life.  And this fear paralyzes us from staying healthy and strong, instead turning our muscles limp and leaving us with worries, aches and pains.  


The problem with this concept of not being able to lift a finger with pregnancy is that it puts both the pregnant person and fetus at risk of many health complications!  Not to mention all of the muscular imbalances that happen and falling weaker and weaker as the weeks go on... all leading to aches, pains, and possibly even injuries, yikkes!

And so you recognize that you want to be healthy for yourself and for your sweet growing babe.  But where in the world do you start?  What is safe?  What isn't safe? Gosh the question are endless!

Now if you headed to any fitness inspo who became pregnant and decided to share their workouts, the typical response is to jump on an exercise plan and get moving!  And although I am a HUGE believer in movement and promoting exercise... there is a way to do it safer and healthier ESPECIALLY WHILE BEING PREGNANT!!!!


Wait a minute, wait a MINUTE! 


So you wanted to get healthier for the baby but you're being told not to do any lifting, any high intensity, any cardio like running?!!?  How does that make any sense?


I'll tell you exactly the problem and why that makes sense!

The Problem...


The problem is, that there were a lot of medical misconceptions about what can and can't be done while being pregnant.  The real unfortunate part is that we have updated research and science supporting lifting/running/high intensity while being pregnant but not all medical providers have the time to become updated on this material.  I also think there is a big fear around pregnant persons because there is the risk of "breaking you" when in actuality your body is designed to move in all sorts of way, even while being pregnant!  

The Why...

Not to get too anatomical here but it is important to understand that our muscles work together to make movements happen.  When some muscles get too strong and start to overpower smaller muscles, our body starts to have dysfunctional movements.  Now these movements may be super small and hardly noticeable but it can have a ripple effect if left untreated, ESPECIALLY WHILE PREGNANT. With growing babe, our body is being pulled and tugged in ways we may not be used to all while carrying this cute little homemade kettlebell right at the center of your belly.  Unfortunately, this could lead you to pelvic floor dysfunctions and aches/pains that linger until after baby arrives.  That's why strength training/lifting is so critical while you are pregnant!  Plus it totally sets you up for motherhood, because let's be honest... you cannot prep enough for that!

Now cardiovascular health is different.  We NEED cardiovascular health for labor alone.  This is a major event and you need the stamina and endurance to make it through.  That is why training for the big event is super important as well.  You absolutely can do this safely with running/cycling/hiking/dancing/etc.  The majority of the time people will give snarky comments and eye rolls with the running and cycling (I got them ALLLLL THE TIME!)  But you should certainly be working that heart of yours while being pregnant.  I mean people don't just show up to run for a marathon without ever training, so why are we promoting that concept for labor??? It is a marathon event!!!

The Solution...


Your body needs movement that is going to get you strategically stronger and well enduranced not only for the rest of your pregnancy but labor and postpartum too.  

Your body needs purposeful movement and exercise specific for the pregnant body.  It needs something that will strengthen the right muscles to help your body move properly, and some cardio to help prep your body for labor even as you continue to grow that sweet babe of yours. 

During your pregnancy it is vital that you work out the muscles that are weak and are being overpowered by the tight muscles.  Your body needs a program that will get your muscles not fighting with each other but moving in harmony and setting you up for the greatest success after the big arrival.

This program is designed for the pregnant person who is scared of working out in the fear that it will hurt them or their baby, who wants to do everything they can to be healthy but not exactly sure on how to do that.  

This program is meant for that person who wants to feel confident and strong in their pregnant body, and wants to also get rid of or avoid those aches and pains that con come with a vengeance during the third trimester.

This program is also perfect for those who want to prepare their bodies by getting stronger and more conditioned for the major upcoming evens like labor and postpartum.

Does this all sound a little too familiar?  Not sure if it is?  Let's give some examples...

You try to workout but are receiving messages from family and friends that you are going to hurt the baby so you feel stuck and frozen in your decision of what is SAFE to do while being pregnant.

You feel overwhelmed with the noise on social media from the fitness inspo turned mom stating extremely inaccurate claims, scaring you into trying their program.  "Don't lift more than 10 pounds!"  "Avoid this exercise, it will cause Diastasis Recti!"  "You can't do this, it isn't safe!" "Don't go above 150 heart rate!"  But how do I even workout if all these things seem unsafe for me and the baby???

Your hitting the second/third trimester and with that growing babe it is causing your back and/or knees to constantly hurt and any time you try to bend down, lift or carry something, go up and down stairs, or simply just moving your body flares up!  You try to do exercises but every time it is requiring you bend and twist in a way that simply does not work for your body (psst... because it wasn't designed for a pregnant person)! 

Am I ringing any bells?  What about these...

You have heard all of the scares from other moms with the "just wait" like "just wait till you have to carry them all the time," or how about "just wait for delivery you won't be able to move."

Or what about my favorites... "don't lift that basket of laundry you're pregnant" but then when you have the baby who weighs the same amount, "you shouldn't carry her all day, you'll spoil her."  - Without considering the napping, feeding, rocking, and comforting that is needed especially in those early days of postpartum.

Ohhh wait, this one is good... "you're being selfish for continuing to exercise like that, just rest your body and start thinking about the baby for once."  Ya I heard that one (they were lucky they didn't get a fist to the mouth jk, but not really)

Have any of these spoken to you?  Are any of these the battle(s) you have been facing? 

Because if this is the battle you have, this program is FOR YOU!

The Strong Mom Lab - Third Trimester Program has been created to not focus on what many other programs focus on (aesthetics, old wives tales that you can't lift a flower, only baby belly, or other unachievable expectations) but instead Strong Mom Lab - Third Trimester focuses on correcting your body movements, fixing muscular imbalances, and strengthening those muscles (including your heart muscle) that have been forgotten, weak and overpowered!  Gearing you to be strong, ready, and prepared for the rest of your pregnancy, labor, and postpartum.


It is based on the foundations of research in functional anatomy and exercise physiology, as well as having physical therapy techniques and approaches infused perfectly for your pelvic floor and core.  You might have just though, "Ahh can you talk normal please?!?!"  Sometimes I can't help it with my excitement in this topic!!!


Okay simply put, this isn't just an fitness inspo program.  This is backed with research, expertise, and experience wrapped up into a program to help you get stronger and move better!


I have spent countless hours researching and critiquing these designed 12 weeks so that it can be achievable!  I even did this program myself while being pregnant!

The Strong Mom Lab - Third Trimester Program is a 

  • A 12 week Exercise Program geared for your third trimester to help you functionally move better!  It will target muscles that are known to be imbalanced and weak causing the majority of pregnant persons aches and pains.  Plus, it will help you get stronger for labor and postpartum.

  • You will have How To Videos to help guide you through the exercises.  Take the guess work out of how it is supposed to be done with these walk through instructional clips.

  • A list of Alternative Exercises !  Let's be real here, every pregnancy is different and every day in that pregnancy is different.  Some days your body is ready to kick butt, others it feels like you are getting your butt kicked.  These list of strength exercises will help you choose an alternative that can meet your ability for that day.  It's the closest thing to a personalized program you can get, without paying the price.

I am so excited for this program, seriously I could shout it from the rooftop!  I have crafted this program so delicately to set you up for your greatest success.  I am serious when I tell you that I want you to move and feel better while being pregnant!  Your goals and your ambitions matter to me.  To see and be a part of you reaching your health goals while embarking on parenthood would be my greatest privilege.  

But let me as you a question.

Are you ready to stay strong through your pregnancy ?

Are you ready to feel physically capable and trained for labor and delivery ?

Are you ready to quiet the noise and confusion about what exercises are safe to do during pregnancy ?

Are you ready to move with confidence and ditch the notorious aches and pains of the third trimester ?

If you are ready to

     feel strong and free of pain,

     ready to prepare your body for labor and delivery,

     to finally feel strong and capable in your body

If you are ready for all of that then it is time to sign up for the program Strong Mom Lab - Third Trimester

So here is a recap of what you will get while being in the program:

  • An 12 week Exercise Prescription geared to help you functionally move better!  Value: $240

  • A list of Alternative Exercises to fit your body's needs without skipping out on getting stronger  Value: $39

  • A full series of How To Videos for each of the exercises in the program.  Value: $89

  • Total Valued Price: $368

The offerings in this program to me are priceless. You receive education, guidance, and a program that will help you move and get stronger while being pregnant.  Life is too short to live with weights on our shoulders knowing you should get stronger for you and the baby but don't know how or feeling debilitated to do anything like make a decision on what exercise to do.

Now the program valued price is $368, however because I believe in this program so much I am offering it at ONLY $97!  Honestly, that is a steal!  You might be asking if this program has such an "amazing" value then why is it being sold for such a good deal?  Well There are a few reasons for that...


1. I believe in the power of movement.  Exercise has made such an impact on my life and I want to provide the same kind of opportunity for you.  In the end I think the power of movement is so great that it needs to be shared with anyone and everyone!

2. I want to provide education to YOU for an affordable price.  Your health should be your first priority and I know that it can be hard to put yourself first sometimes (aint that the truth, can I get an amen from all of us who put everything before themselves?)   I want you to succeed and if that means at a lower cost so you live better then I am willing to make that sacrifice.

3.  Because pregnant persons deserve to still do things that they enjoy like lifting/running/cycling/etc. and not be scolded for as if you are poisoning your baby, like seriously?!?!?! It isn't right, we shouldn't disempower persons to be active ESPECIALLY during pregnancy.  And the unfortunate truth is, not enough medical providers are in the know how to properly guide pregnant persons through an exercise program.  You should have access to exercise during pregnancy!!!  

4.  I want to empower you to feel confident and safe to add movement to your life because it is sooooo incredibly healthy for both YOU AND BABY!  There's enough horribly wrong information out there that everyone and there mother feels entitled to share with how you should be doing your pregnancy, but I wanted to provide a research, science backed exercise program that you can peacefully know that it is 100% safe for you and your babe. (And that way you can brush off any family member, friend, or negative Nancy who is trying to tell you otherwise).

In the end, I want you to succeed and feel STRONG during your pregnancy.  

So let's just jump on it now.  Let's make the best of it starting today!  Start today on to get stronger and more enduranced for the rest of your pregnancy to help you prep for labor and when that sweet babe of yours arrives.  Let's ditch all the fear and confusion of what is SAFE and NOT SAFE during pregnancy, and let's get you feeling EMPOWERED during your pregnancy!  Because "You are not fragile like a flower, but you are fragile like a bomb" and you can do soooo much with your mind and body even while being pregnant!  


Let's get after it!

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