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Your Immediate Postpartum Recovery Checklist

There are a million things going on once having your baby delivered. You are getting to know your new babe, the new you, adjusting to sleep schedules, and trying to remember to eat and drink water. The last thing you need to do is try to figure out the proper way of recovering. That's why I have made this post!

Here is your guideline to your immediate postpartum recovery.

  1. Focus on mind-body connection - During pregnancy so much gets moved around and may make your body feel foreign once babe has vacated. It’s important to reconnect with how your body feels without being pregnant.

  2. Focus on pelvic floor rehabilitation - Through pregnancy and delivery, your pelvic floor has endured a tremendous amount of strain. In order to make sure injury and pelvic floor symptoms don’t haunt you later, now is the time to rehab and get connected again with your pelvic floor.

  3. Focus on mobility - During pregnancy and now postpartumyour body can become stiff and less mobile in some joints. Working on mobility will help with allowing your joints to move freely and getting in ranges of motion necessary for athletic movements (once fully healed and ready). Plus it feels oh so good!

  4. Focus on your breath - Much like the lack of movement and mobility, diaphragmatic breathing might have been altered. Now more than ever, get connected with your pelvic floor and initiate good diaphragmatic breathing. This will be key to your success for proper healing!

Once you have mastered these and are feeling like you're loving well and no symtpoms have reared their heads then you can start progressing to modified strength training.

Soon enough you will be up and running around again. In the mean time, rest, recover, and take your time!!! There's no rush in getting to a "finish line" when your motherhood journey just started!

Found this helpful? Any questions or comments? Be sure to leave them behind in the comment section below!


Your Pre/Postnatal Strength Coach

Dani Jones

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