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We Wouldn't Be Friends If I Did This... Right?

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

"Oh my gosh! I am so excited because I found this solution and I am finally going to lose the weight!” And you are saying all of this with your head held high and confidence walking in the room. You were so excited to finally take that step that you have been fearful to take. You Go Girl!

ERRRRR, hold that thought because..... here comes Negative Nancy, ”Oh ya, you’ll do just great (while rolling the eyes and talking in the most sarcastic tone) especially if you keep up the way you eat and how you pounded those drinks last night.” Um excuse me?!?! What if Negative Nancy said, “Ya well good luck on that, doesn’t look like you’re really off to a great start I mean look at you, you can’t do it.”

Would you still be friends with me? Would you still talk to someone who talked to you like that?!?! I hope not because that is just NOT COOL. And by the way, I would NEVER talk to you like that. You deserve soo much more respect and love! No one deserves being talked to like that.

Now let me switch it up real quick….

You were scrolling online and found this amazing program and you were super excited about it. They were saying all of these great things and success stories, the list went on. You are getting ready to purchase it and all the sudden that little voice in your head starts to talk to you. And it isn’t a whisper, no that voice is a loud and aggressive voice. That voice is telling you….

“You can’t do that, you’ll never succeed because you never have.” That voice continues saying, “Sure if you want to win the award for the biggest failure go for it!”

Okay wait wait wait!!!! We wouldn’t be friends with someone who talked to us like that right?!?!!? No because earlier we said "ahh #ByeFelicia!" to whomever would dare think about talking to us with those awful words!

Soooooo…. Why do YOU talk to yourself like that?

We are our own biggest critics and it is soooo incredibly hard to succeed if we allow ourselves to continue to talk to our minds and body like that. Here is the thing ya’ll. In order for us to take that step forward we have to allow ourselves to try! Yes, we have to give ourselves the credit we deserve because YOU ARE TRYING!

So please, please, please…. Take a few minutes to give yourself some love and credit for trying because you deserve it. I see you my friend! I see your efforts and you CAN DO THIS! But you have to believe in yourself first to even get to those dreams you have been fantasizing about. Let’s make those dreams become a reality!

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