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Why I Changed My View on Valentine's Day

I used to hate the holiday, like absolutely despise it. I always felt like it had all of these high expectations of what love is supposed to look like. I mean, I love Pinterest but jeez calm down on the picture perfect date.

But seriously, it was as if I was competing with this expectation of how it is supposed to look like with your loved one.

One year, my partner and I decided we were going to go for a date on Valentine's Day. I mean I caved in after feeling like the holiday was totally overrated. But he convinced me it was going to be great fun!

The day hit and school was done, I got ready with my hair and make up, all dolled up. Then I waited... and waited.... and waited.

We joke about it now because he was a waiter at an extremely fancy restaurant and he worked that night. I laugh because I should had known it was going to be an insanely busy night.

Sure enough, I passed out before he even got home and the holiday came and went.

I mean we are talking about a holiday that has some seriously high expectations for itself, why do we even hold ourselves to those standards.

I am going to chime in here and say if you enjoy this holiday then keep on rocking it and loving it! This is by no means a post to completely bash on the day if it works for you, then keep working it :)

Then I thought wait!!!

What if we treated Valentine's Day, where it is filled with love, things we enjoy, romantic dates but instead of with our significant other or friends.... what if it was with ourselves???

I mean what a perfect day for self love?

What if we baked ourselves cupcakes or did a pamper day like taking a bubble bath, drink a glass of wine, did some kind of craft, have a beach day, I mean the options are endless.

Seriously though, what if we treated ourselves to Valentines day and poured all that love and energy into our bodies, our minds, and our health?

Ever since having this approach, the holiday doesn't feel so overrated and annoying.

Shoot, why stop there... why not have the whole month of February as a self check month? A month where we dedicate to ourselves and loving our bodies and minds deeper. That sounds great to me!

So join me in the celebration of ourselves and the beautiful people we are! We deserve to treat ourselves to a fancy dinner or dessert, maybe a night in with wine or whatever thing that floats your boat.

I know I will be enjoying some gluten free chocolate cake that I baked, a nice workout, and hopefully some warm sunshine rays being soaked up by my freckles (if it isn't too cold out). What will you be doing for Valentine's Day? Tell me below!

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