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Uterus Growth Size

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Can we just say the female body is flipping AMAZING!!! I mean there are so many things that the body can do and it just continues to blow my mind!

I mean we bleed monthly and we don't die. We can grow, carry, and deliver a baby! And we go through physiological changes multiple times through our life which requires adjustments to hormone levels and bodily changes.

Like what?!?! I mean that's pretty remarkable if you ask me.

But you want to know something else about the female body?

Well it's about the uterus and its pretty mind blowing.⠀

It is located in the pelvic region and sits directly behind the bladder.⠀

It’s pear shaped and is roughly 3 inches tall, 2 inches wide, and 1.5 inches thick (from outside to outside not the walls)⠀

When a woman is pregnant you may hear that she has to pee a lot. That’s because the bladder is immediately in front or Anterior to the uterus. Therefore, the bladder is being pushed on from the uterus and fetus expanding when a female is pregnant. ⠀

Speaking of expanding... the uterus can expand 18x it’s normal size!!! That can be upwards of 72 inches if we do the math. ⠀

Let's have that sink in for a second.... 18 times its original size!!!!

What about after the baby is born??

Well the uterus will shrink relatively to the same size! There may be just a slight difference such as the uterus will be 4 inches tall instead of 3 inches as seen pre pregnancy.⠀

So needless to say... the female body is pretty freaking incredible!⠀

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