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There's More To Track Than Just Your Diet

I’m not bashing on your food habits or goals by any means....

I’m just saying there’s more that you can focus on which can help you get to a healthier you than just a diet.

There are many factors that can contribute to fitness performance or aesthetic goals. And nutrition is just one slice of the pie.

You can’t just get to those fitness goals while neglecting these things:

😴 how much sleep you consistently get or the quality of sleep ?

🥴 how much stress you’re under or the amount of stressors in your life as well as their intensity ?

💧 how much water you actually are drinking and is it enough for your body with it without exercise ?

💃🏻 how many minutes of movement/exercise you’re getting in daily and weekly ?

🩸 are you having a normal period consistently (if not pregnant or hit menopause) every 26-32 days ?

🧠 what is the status of your mental health? Do you even acknowledge it’s state or are aware of it?

Again I am not bashing on the new year diets whatsoever. You have to eat to supply your body with nutrients for it to sustain life so obviously it’s an important factor in health. And if you are hyped up about that being a goal, awesome... I recommend getting an Registered Dietician to help you out, that’s what they are there for. Okay I digressed....

But....What I am saying is that there are so many other things that are health related that can also serve you and your goals really good by paying attention and getting better at.

Are any of these on your goal list? Which ones probably should be? Comment below!

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