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Stir The Pot

If you don't know about this exercise already, then you came to a great post!

This exercise is an awesome plank variation and one of my favorite ab exercises. ⠀

Planks require a great deal of muscles to be engaged/working: core muscles and the muscles of the glenohumeral joint (shoulder joint). ⠀

You can easily change the intensity by doing a few simple tricks:⠀

Displacement of weight - single leg, wide stance, on knees or on feet, etc. ⠀

Adding an unstable surface - this is by add a yoga ball (like this exercise), bosu ball, or being on a bed or couch compared to the floor. ⠀

Add movement to the basic form - by adding the rotation/movement displayed in this video one is increasing the intensity. It is requiring the muscles to engage differently as you shift the weight from side to side. ⠀

As previously mentioned, planks are a great exercise to engage multiple muscles at a single time versus an abdominal crunch. And might I add that the traditional crunch poses a greater risk of injury than the plank. ⠀

It's important to always practice safe exercise form since it will help you not only improve strength but reduce the risk of injury too. And what's the point of exercising to get stronger when you're doing it wrong and have a higher likelihood of getting hurt?

So if you are going to remember anything from this post/video, Remember these key points :⠀

💧 neutral spine⠀

💧 elbows under shoulders⠀

💧 breath!!!⠀

💧 only go as far as you are capable while maintaining good form⠀

Have a great day y'all and don’t forget to share with your workout buddy!

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