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How To Be Body Positive With Social Media In These 4 Simple Steps

Let me be honest here about this dance of body positivity and social media.

Social media can be extremely impactful both positively and negatively. I’ve experienced both aspects of it.

I think it is an amazing place to gather together, share ideas, experiences, and build communities.

But it does have its negatives, like comparison games.

Even as a fitness professional and educator, I also get hung up in this game. Like scrolling through and seeing half naked bodies everywhere or physiques with hardly any body fat on them.

And let’s be honest, I love all the curves I have and embrace my body fully but that can get anyone second guessing.

It’s challenging as consumers to navigate those areas of this technology world.

So here are a few things that I have learned about social media and body positivity.

1.Unfollow any account that makes you feel the need to compare yourself, talk negatively about yourself, or cloud your inspiration. Make this space a positive experience for you, not setting you up for a negative spiral.

2.Follow body shapes that represent your body type. There is nothing wrong with inspiration and wanting to physically get healthier and following those types of body types is fine. Here is where it can get unhealthy. I know I am thicker than most triathletes, I do not follow slender and tall women simply because that will never be how my body looks.

3.Stop scrolling and searching through pics that make you down your own worth! If you find yourself in that negative spiral then stop it immediately. Recognize how you got to this place, what #hashtags you went under, which accounts you hopped onto and so on. By acknowledging how you got to that space, you can then work towards not going down that path.

4.You are BEAUTIFUL and so is she. We don’t need to compare or be in competition all the time. Especially so, there needs to be no such thing as comparison between bodies! Heck say it out loud to yourself, “ You are beautiful AND so is she” There doesn’t need to be any but’s, it is the facts… and you are included in those facts.

I know there will be times that the negative comparison game will creep up, trust me I know it all too well. But I have found that these tricks work for me and help me stay in a safe and positive creative space on social media.

Do you have any tricks that you use? I want to hear them, so tell me below!

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