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Lower Belly "Pooch" Explained!

The “pooch” can be explained!

This lower abdomen region can be known to be the “stubborn area” for weight loss

Your abdomen region is divided into segments which give the six pack look when there is a decreased amount of adipose tissue present. These segments are divided by a tendon called intersection tendon

Males and females have the same musculoskeletal anatomy with a few key differences in the reproductive system.

If there were to be an intersection tendon in the lower abdomen region, females would not be able to functionally be pregnant. The rectus abdominis and these tendons would burst with the growth of the belly and baby.

Therefore, the anatomy of the abdominal region is the reason for your pooch not because you can’t decrease adipose tissue (fat). Plus, the fact that females have the ability to become pregnant and give birth is freaking amazing and that’s enough of a reason to give yourself plenty of credit for having this pooch.

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In Love & Exercise,

Dani Jones

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