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One Goal at a Time

Do you ever get where you set up your planner, set all the goals, have your timeline down, start chipping away at the goals and then life starts getting heavy, more tasks coming you way, more stress... one thing leads to the next and BAM you have put your goals on the backburner because you don't have time? Does that sound like you?

Gosh I have been there! I am such a planner so this has happened more than once in my lifetime. But let me share a very important secret...

Your new goals won’t slip away from you if you focus on one at a time.

If you focus on all of them all at once, you may not succeed. Not because you don’t want to but because that’s a lot of change at once.

I came across a page on IG and he went on to mention that 92% of New Year's resolutions will fail within the first 6 weeks. Now where the statistics are on this I am not sure as I have not done the scientific research... but to be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if it was factual.

Here's why (my opinion, again have not looked at the science for this post)..

We tend to bombard ourselves with high expectations, steep training regimes or goals, limiting the things we enjoy to strive for perfection. Also too, we (yes I am including myself in this) have a tendency to not account for wiggle room, real life scenarios to occur, etc.

But instead what we could do to be much more successful and efficient at achieving our goals is:

Focusing on one goal a month and get really good at that goal.

Then move into the next one the next month when you have a new foundation with the previous goal.

It’s the long term success not the quick fix we are focusing on!

I mean think about it. If that statistic is true, and in 6 weeks you will be back to square one... why not reduce the load and be successful in those 6 weeks and build momentum, confidence, and progression towards your goals!

I do hope that you are successful in whatever goals you strive to achieve and please let me know how those goals go, I'd love to watch/hear about your progress.

What is the one goal you are going to get really good at?? Tell me below!

With love & exercise,

Dani Jones

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