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Change Self Image From Negative To A Positive One

There will be days that you are going to be loving yourself easily. ⠀

But there will be other days that challenge your inner peace and you feel like a hot mess. ⠀

My advice for those negative self talk days...⠀

Don’t take on all of the negative thoughts you have about yourself at once. ⠀

Ease into the process. ⠀

Just like working out, it takes time. ⠀

You don’t jump in and expect that you’re going to do 20 push ups when you can’t do one. ⠀

It’s the same with working on your inner thoughts. ⠀

Today work on one self image thought and grind the hell out of it. Any time that one thought pops up you shut it down.⠀

It doesn’t have to be positive thoughts all the time, it can be with neutrality or with abilities. Hell it can be with humor too. ⠀

For example:⠀

I hate my thighs they are massive and bulky, I never can fit into jeans because of them. ⠀

You then reverse the relationship with the thought you have on your thighs...⠀

💪🏻My thighs can lift heavy things, and I am strong because of them. ⠀

🤣 Who designed these jeans? They clearly didn’t consult with me and are now fired. (You then go put a different pair on because those jeans need loving too)⠀

❤️ I am working on loving/accepting my thighs. It resembles my family as my grandmother and mother both have thick thighs. ⠀

View your body positivity like exercise and work on small goals to build to inner peace. ⠀

It takes time but I promise taking little steps will feel more manageable. You’re not here today to do 20 push-ups, you’re showing up today to work on that 1 push-up. ⠀

Be sure to save and share with someone who needs to hear this!

In Love & Exercise,

Dani Jones

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