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Check Your Moves - RDL Edition

Single leg exercises are a fantastic variation.

It allows you to :

- isolate a side of muscles to work on as we can create favorite sides (ex: stronger right side versus left)

- challenge your big and small muscles all while your keeping your body from falling over

- work on your proprioception with your movement pattern while balancing.

However it can be challenging all because it’s single limb movement. This gives rise to the potential of form being compensated.

Check out the two slides to see if you are currently doing the cues in the first slide and challenge your form to be more like the second slide.

Remember with single leg and balance exercises :

- You do not have to completely extend (raise) your leg to benefit from the exercise. You can place your leg behind you, slightly touching the ground to keep your balance.

- You can hold onto an object to help with balance (a chair, wall, dresser, bench, etc.).

- Focus in the form and technique even if it takes you longer to perform the exercise rather than rushing through to get the reps in.

- Be patient with yourself and don’t be surprised if one side is better than the other when balancing. Try going barefoot and you’ll really see a difference!

- One side may be stronger than the other. We have a tendency to compensate and can create muscular imbalances. That’s a great benefit of single sided exercises to balance them out!

ALWAYS remember... this is your workout!!! And your body!!! Don’t push your body/workout away from your abilities.

Do you practice single leg exercise ? Why it why not? What are your favorites?? Comment below!

With love & exercise,

Dani Jones

Did you know??? I work with women who want to crush their fitness goals. I focus on female physiology (how your body works best with your menstrual cycle), your biomechanics (how your body moves) and I pay close attention to functional anatomy to make sure you are moving properly. Interested in working with me? Send me an email at and we can chat about your goals!

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