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Check Your Moves - Deadlift Part 2

Okay now for the upward phase of the deadlift!

If you haven't read the first part of the deadlift series, here here to check out the Deadlift Part 1 post.

This is an area that can definitely be seen incorrect. I feel like there was an emphasis for a while on a few movements that got everyone overexaggerating their movements. If you don't know what I am talking about, you'll see in a moment.

The upward phase to the finish stance is about control, just as much as the upward to downward phase. In fact the eccentric movement (the lengthening of the muscle) in the deadlift is the downward phase from the finish stance to the ground. When going slow during this phase it can put a greater amount of tension on the muscles. This in return can cause greater stress and therefore, muscle hypertrophy can occur. That is getting a little more exercise physiology on you than what you need to know right now. But it is still good info to know.

Back to the mechanics...

Okay check out the images below... do you see the differences of stance between the two options? Remember how I said, some were overexaggerating their movements? Well image 1 is what I was referring to. For some reason people were doing this motion to "finish off" the exercise. All that does is place extra load and tension on the lumbar spine. In fact it can increase your risk of injury.

Where if you look at image 2 you can see neutral spine and the "finish off" of the exercise is just squeezing the butt cheeks like you have to hold a fart in (no seriously).

Moral of the story, don't extend your back once you reach the top. If you are standing straight up and down then you've accomplished the exercise! Be sure to squeeze the buttocks when you are at the top and start releasing downward again. Oh and on that note, keep your core engaged!!!! Don't just release the weight and not keep the muscles engaged... that is a recipe for disaster.

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In love & exercise

Dani Jones

Want to know how to do the right form while exercising? Don't know where to start or if you are even doing it correctly? I work with women who want to achieve their fitness goals and get stronger, faster, and more confident in their bodies. Let's chat about your fitness goals and check your form out. Email me at

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