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Check Your Moves - Deadlift Part 1

The deadlift is an exercise that you may typically find in strength and conditioning programs to help with explosive exercises like the clean and snatch. But there is more to the deadlift than strength and conditioning and should be incorporated in any weight training regime (that is also body weight).

The exercise is a very functional movement. Think about it, how many times do you bend down to pick something up? If you are picking up something, you could pull off the straight leg- Romanian deadlift (RDL - you can read that blog post here) or perhaps if you are picking up the squirmy kid and you want a good base, you'll do the Deadlift.

The deadlift is very similar to a squat (check out the Squat post here) but the weight distribution is below you and picking up, rather than having the weight on you and dropping towards the ground.

It is also the premise of the cleans and snatch. If you are interested in doing Olympic lifting then this is an exercise (and form) you will want to perfect! Additionally, this can be a complex movement if you are not used to it.

The starting position is with the hip hinge position and knees bent. Make sure you can have a stable grounding before lifting any weight. You want to push your weight and the barbell (if weight lifting) through your feet and into the ground. You definitely do not want to be leaning too far forward or back. When taking off towards the upward phase you want to be able to push straight up.

If you have been here for a while, you know that form is QUEEN to all movements. Check out the images that I have below to assess your form in the starting position. It's important to nail down this form, as if you choose to lift heavy weights you can seriously get injured if you aren't careful with the lifting mechanics.

Once you have the motion down and the mobility in your joints, this exercise can feel super natural. But there is a ton that goes into it. Don't feel discouraged or defeated if you cannot perfect this move yet, it takes time!!!

Don't forget to check out the part 2 of the deadlift series to "finish off" your exercise.

In love & exercise

Dani Jones

Want to know how to do the right form while exercising? Don't know where to start or if you are even doing it correctly? I work with women who want to achieve their fitness goals and get stronger, faster, and more confident in their bodies. Let's chat about your fitness goals and check your form out. Email me at

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