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Motherhood Doesn’t Mean Your Core is Ruined Forever

Pregnancy and postpartum can certainly alter your core strength. But just because you've entered motherhood doesn't mean your core is ruined forever. These messages along with fear tactics around diastasis recti and mom pooch can make any mom feel like her body has been shot to hell now. But it simply isn't the truth.

You can definitely have weakened abdominal strength after going through pregnancy. This is to be expected. With the load shifting and belly growing the rectus abdominis muscles will shift more towards the sides. Leaving the load and tension on the linea alba. This phenomenon is known as diastasis recti (DR).

Can I fill you in on a secrete about DR? Diastasis Recti is supposed to happen! Yup, that's right and it's present in nearly all pregnant persons at the time of delivery. So why the fear behind it?

I can't tell you exactly why someone created fear from DR but I'm sure it has been stemmed from misunderstanding the anatomical changes that occurred and it's healing. Now we are still learning about these changes as science and the human body are always evolving, but we're a heck of a lot more educated on it than previous decades.

So, what do you do about having DR?

Well first off, acceptance! Yup, accept the fact that it is natural and it has to happen for baby to grow. That seems to be helpful in the psychological shift for core healing.

Second, pressure management. You need to load the tissues differently by controlling where the pressure goes. You need to work on diaphragmatic breathing and engaging your core muscles when doing "work." The key is to avoid coning or doming in the linea alba.

Third, patience. Probably the thing no one wants to hear. But tissue changes take time! The linea alba is known as connective tissue and it needs time to be able to regain its strength and not be so flimsy. Know that it could take a couple months or couple years to heal, THATS OKAY!!!!

If there is any message I want to be made clear it is that your body has not been destroyed because you became a mother. Your body may have changed but that also is natural and totally supposed to happen! You can certainly get stronger and chase after goals, it may take some time but I hope you never believe yourself to be damaged goods because mama you are a freaking rockstar!

Want more info on how to start healing your Diastasis Recti??? Grab my FREEBIE today! You can literally start healing your core in a matter of minutes.

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