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HIIT Workouts Won't Help You Lose the Mom Pooch.

Let's be real for a second...

If you are doing HIIT workouts expecting to lose the "mom pooch" after having a baby then something has got to change.

A couple things are wrong with this picture...

I often will hear moms talk about how once they get cleared for working out at their 6 week postpartum appointment they go straight into HIIT workouts to lose the "mom pooch" or "mom shelf"

First off, this is a recipe for pelvic floor dysfunction. Six weeks is not enough time to be able to allow your pelvic floor to heal and to get back into high impact demands like HIIT workouts.

High impact activities should be refrained from for at least 12 weeks post delivery AND after doing prep work to get the pelvic floor ready for the impact.

Second, HIIT is not going to spot train... in fact you can't spot train at all. You can't tell your body that you are going to lose weight in a particular area, it just doesn't work that way.

Third, you will not lose the mom pooch if you do not learn how to properly engage your deep abdominals and have a healthy pelvic floor and core. If you are having trouble with pressure management then you will always have the mom pooch.

Fourth, you may never lose the mom pooch as it may be excess skin. I want to put this in here because I think there are so many moms who are misguided that they need to lose the skin to be back at Pre-baby body and it simply does not have to be that way!

Fifth, the body takes a LONG TIME to heal!!!! And in postpartum, there are a fluctuation of hormones, sleep patterns, eating patterns, health changes ,etc. Your body needs time to adjust to being a mom and your baby. Tissues can take up to 2 years to heal and change. So please be patient!

But here is the deal... if you do want to minimize it (because it is important to be confident in our bodies too) you need to be able to do the following...

1. have proper pressure management in the abdominopelvic area (belly and pelvic floor).

2. Engage the deep core muscles (transversus abdominis) during activities

3. progressively overload core exercises

4. be patient with your body's ability to adapt.

If you want a helping hand with how to do the following steps, I have the perfect program for you! Click on this link and start healing your mom pooch today

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