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Low Impact Leg Day Workout

Hey there!

I am so glad you stumbled upon my page. In case you are new here, my name is Dani Jones. I am a Kinesiologist which means that I graduated with degrees focusing on our body and how it changes with exercise, we call this exercise science.

Yes, it is a true science! There are so many things that are physiologically going on with your body while you exercise. And in case no one has told you yet today, you are rocking it and I am giving you a big AIR FIVE ! Even if you are not aware of all of the processes that are undergoing in your body currently, that is okay… all you need to know is that your efforts are 100% recognized and are getting you towards your goals!

For this workout, I specifically chose low impact exercises. I have been doing a ton of running lately and building up my mileage for my triathlon race and my joints are really feeling it. Therefore, I wanted to get everything I needed out of my workout like focusing on specific muscle groups and exposing them to the right amount of stress to still yield big results.

I think there is this thought that if the workout isn’t super intense or flashy, high intense movements like jumping around (we call this high impact because the impact it has on your joints and muscles) then the workout is almost not important. But let me tell you that is completely wrong!!!

We don’t need to grind our bodies to the ground day in and day out to yield the results we want. No in fact it needs a beautiful blend of all sorts of exposures to come together to provide athletic transformations.

Well that is exactly what I was thinking when doing this workout and I felt like I needed to explain the importance of doing workouts such as these ones without the weights, without the flashy and crazy moves, just simply moving with you and your body.

Anywho! I hope you enjoy the workout. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please connect with me, I would love to chat with you about them.

I live on Instagram mainly, hang out on Pinterest, and I even have YouTube videos. You’ll find education on exercise, anatomy, physiology, body positivity, correct form for exercises, and of course free workouts! Let’s connect on any social media you hang out at most, my handle is @thedanijonesmethod across all boards!

Cheers and enjoy!

In love & exercise,

Dani Jones

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