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Healing in the Thick of Motherhood

I’ll tell you why it’s so hard to take care of ourselves…

Because the world doesn’t end around us as you become a mother.

This weekend I’m playing solo parent and I have one sick baby and the other I’m pretty sure is getting sick too.

So where does my focus shift to?

Survival and keeping these babies as comfortable as possible.

Would I like to get a workout in?

Of course but that’s low priority until I can manage the waves.

The hard part is sometimes we don’t pull ourselves off the ship to serve ourself every once in a while.

Here are a few tips when you’re in the thick of motherhood and juggling all things…

1. Remove expectations of what exercise should look like. Exercising can be holding your babies for extended periods of time, dancing, and doing housework.

2. Incorporate breath work throughout the day. This can help Down regulate your nervous system so it stays calm. During times of high stress you can start to hold tension and pelvic floor symptoms may start up unannounced.

3. Opt outside - going outside for a walk or just visual exploration can also down regulate your nervous system and reduce your stress. Plus it’s a great reset when everyone gets cranky.

4. You don’t always have to workout - sometimes when we are in great states of stress the last thing we should do is add extra stress. And exercise is a form of stress. So instead do things to help ease the stress. And save the HIIT or hard runs for days with better rest and mental states.

And if you need an extra hand... Let me take off the figuring out, the finding exercises, and the mental load of putting together exercises you’re supposed to do the heal your pelvic floor and core.

Let me help you be able to keep showing up for your baby/ies on your best way, strong and self served.

Get my FREE pelvic floor and core guide to help start the healing process today.

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