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New Fitness Goal? Here are 5 Tips to Help You Succeed.

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Yes!!!! I see you attempting to get back on track. It is so tough to hop back on after falling off the wagon! Trust me, I totally get it because it has happened to me many times. You get totally amped up, go at it for a few days to a few weeks and then it comes crashing down on your hard and fast when you 'fail'....

Uggh, it takes forever to get the courage to work back up to the progress and all that hard work. You seriously just got to the point that you were making some progress, and you blew it all away. But before you can even consider getting back into shape, you feel the need to completely self destruct and go even further off the deep end. This leads to your binge eating, feeling horrible about yourself, not exercising again.... Is this sounding familiar?

Ya it sounds familiar because too many of us do it to ourselves! Like honestly, you put so much hard work into it and you slipped up, that is all! I have been there and done that many times, trust me girl I know the feeling all too well. But there are 5 things that I have noticed (and done) to get off of this viscous cycle that seems endless )oh my gosh can we just succeed for once, right?!)

Well lucky for you, I am spilling those 5 things that I learned on my own journey of hoping off and back on again. These tips are going to help you succeed for the long haul. That's right the long haul, not just the yo-yo dieting and exercise phases you've been doing... no this is going to help you stay on track longer which will ultimately help you achieve your goals!

So here we go...


Okay seriously though, give yourself credit! You worked so hard and recognize that you did all that you accomplished.


Ya I said it, life happens. Guess what, you are going to get tired, frustrated, want to splurge, want to enjoy yourself and you need to credit yourself those things in moderation...


That was a great segway from the last tip but it's true. Do NOT, I repeat, do not deprive yourself. Instead enjoy a glass of wine or a slice of the cake. Eat it slow and savor the taste, don't just scarf it down to eat the rest of the cake too.


ughhh seriously? I am telling you to exercise? Well yes I am because even if it is a walk for 10 minutes you will reap the benefits! It lifts the mood and gets you to feel like you accomplished a workout. Those endorphins are going to be running around and that will help you feel better about yourself and bounce right back into positive thinking.


Do you ever feel like your mind is your biggest obstacle? Ya well the thing is that we overthink things way too much! Whether that means we distort the reality (we're going to gain 10 pounds in one night because we had a piee of cake - I must have a sweet tooth right now talking about all this cake), or that we over think exercise... we simply over think things! So for your exercise just move, it doesn't matter what it looks like you could be cleaning your house for all I care just do something. For your mind, go move so you can get those positive endorphins rolling through.

I couldn't believe that this was all it took. Really truly, it isn't rocket science but we are also incredibly harsh on ourselves. So take the time to be compassionate towards yourself and do these 5 tips to help you avoid hoping off and hoping on the wagon over and over. Live to these five things and you honestly will be successful.

Did this help you? If so, please send this to a friend who needs to hear it. We all know a friend or two who needs to know that they have someone backing them up.



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