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5 Tips For Eating Out With A Gluten Intolerance

Can I order a burger, protein style (lettuce wrap), no fries, and does the sauce have gluten in it? Let's be honest... eating out is exhausting and a chore! If you're new to this chapter of your life, it can feel overwhelming and can be track stopping.

I have been gluten free now since May 2018 and I feel that I had an upper hand when finding out about my intolerance. For years I had experimented with foods and how it made me feel because of my endometriosis.

The thing that made my transition smoother is because I heavily listened to my body. I had already known of some foods that already responded well and horribly with my system. Therefore, I felt that I was able to hit the ground running with knowing what questions to ask and what to look for.

So I am going to give you some of my quick tips or where to look for that sneaky word #gluten in your foods:

Sauces - this is the area which I feel people overlook the quickest or are unaware that they should be looking at it. Here are just a few that you would never guess that gluten is in it: soy sauce, ranch, salad dressing, and BBQ sauce. Gluten is used to thicken up sauces and dressings and gluten is the quickest spot to go for that solution.

Beer - Restaurants use beer to add flavor and people love it, just not those who are gluten free. Breweries commoly use this method in many dishes that you wouldn't even think had it in it (meats, vegetables, starches, etc.). Therefore, be sure to read the descriptions of the dishes you're about to consume.

Soups - This is one of the most disappointing ones for me. I grew up with a sweet memory that every summer we'd go to Santa Cruz and get Clam Chowder. And then I found out that it has gluten in it (start the tantrum!). Soups are the same concept as dressings and sauces, it needs some source to thicken it so be careful here!!!

French Fries - If you aren't familiar with the process of making french fries, then you may not be aware that the frying happens in the same oil as breaded. Because the oil does not get changed and therefore, if breading is occurring the french fries are off limits.

Desserts - Icecream can have gluten in it, pies have it in the crust for sure (unless indicated), cakes, brownies, oh the list continues on. Desserts are the hardest one to navigate through. In fact I usually just skip out on this one unless it indicates #glutenfree

So there it is! These are some of the areas in which I look very carefully at on the menu. That does mean I do not ask or look at the other areas on the menu, when you have an allergy it is better to ask than to be blinded!

When chefs hear that there is an allergy, they will look out for you too. You have to put it out first for them to work with you though.

I hope this helps you all, this is what I have learned through trial and error, many upset stomaches and upflares. And if this means it could help one person to not have a terrible experience then that makes this post worth it!

Comment below if you learned something new and if there is something I should add to the list. And of course give this post a share!

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