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It's time to get Confident in your mom-bod

It's time to finally start feeling confident in your body no matter whether you are pregnant, 6 months or 6 years postpartum.  You deserve to feel happy and confident in your skin and body, no matter how it looks.

You're in the right place if this sounds like you...

Now that you have had your baby, your body seems foreign.  It's almost like your body isn't yours anymore. 

You feel that postpartum has messed with your body image and you don't even recognize the body that you see in the mirror.

You feel disconnected with your body , you struggle to find peace in your own skin.  

You want to love your body but it is so hard to when you've never experienced  being at this weight or having the stretch marks.  You felt beautiful while pregnant and now you just feel blah.

Hey Mama!  I'm Dani Jones

I'm a Pre & Postnatal Strength Coach who can help you get confident in your body

Being a mom changed my world and let's be honest my body.  I went from full time anatomy teacher to stay at home mom with two girls under two.  I wondered how I could continue to teach about the body but in my new home environment and as a new mom.   Interestingly, as I talked to more moms, over and over I would hear how moms would not feel comfortable in their own skin.  Stories of how women wouldn't take photos of themselves, wear shorts when it was hot, or even put a bathing suit on to join their kids for water play.  This broke my heart!!!

That is why I created ...

The Confidence


The confidence academy is to help moms like you ditch the depressed feeling about their bodies and finally start feeling confident in their own skin.

In this confidence academy, you'll learn how to...



Break Free From Negative Thoughts

Finally break free from the negative feelings, thoughts, and expectations surrounding your mom bod.


Build Confidence Within

Give your body purpose again beyond the looks and aesthetics.  Find meaning behind how incredibly special your body is!


Create a Body Positive


Action plan for creating an environment that will help build lifelong positive body image relationships.

Everything included

Lesson plans to help you create goals that will set you up for feeling more confident in your body

Video links for educational content guided by an easy to follow workbook that will have you quickly start applying the positive body image practices today!

Step by Step action plan on how to set up a healthy body image environment with friends, family, and your children

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Not sure yet?
Here's my guarantee.

After this program you will have a greater understanding and appreciation for your body.  This program will give you insight on how the body is designed and what changes are absolutely normal.  Not only that but you will uncover the negative associations you have with body image and start to develop better relationship with your own body and its transformation!

Stop Feeling Disconnected with your Body and Start feeling confident !

Stop missing out on experiences or precious moments with your kids because you don't feel confident in your body.

It's time you finally break free of the negative body image relationship with yourself and start LIVING LIFE to its fullest!!!

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What are you waiting for?  Let's start getting you to feel confident TODAY

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