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Where it All Started...

The Dani Jones Method was created for the love of health, happiness, and dreams coming true.  It has evolved based off of my crazy methods, creative thinking, and obsession with thinking outside the box.


I always knew I wanted to help people and I found my passion through exercise and health.  With my years of working with clients I found that people are the happiest when they feel their best...  You might be thinking, well ya duh?!? But really think about it... feeling your best is much more than how one looks but how one feels emotionally, physically, socially, occupationally. 

Do you go through your life wishing you looked like her?

Do you find yourself looking in the mirror and hating what you see looking back at you ?

Do you go through your closet throwing every outfit to the side because you struggle with the way your body feels?

Or how about, do you hate feeling tired, overwhelmed, and frustrated with always trying to lose weight to only gain it back?

I hear you, it is frustrating gaining all the weight back!  It is a horrible feeling when you don't want to look in that mirror any more.  It is heartbreaking to not love yourself and to feel lost in your own skin.  I hear you loud and clear.  Not only do I hear you but I understand what you are going through!  Through my special and unique experiences I have found the perfect combination to help my clients feel their best on all of their wellness aspects!  Helping these individuals acheive their goals has been my biggest success and drive to this business. 

My clients went from saying, "I want to lose 10 pounds," saying, "I not only lost 10 pounds because I gained muscle and lost fat, but more importantly I feel strong and healthy!"

My clients claim, "I didn't realize how unbalanced my life was until these assignments.  I feel like I can have control of my goals and overall wellness."

Don't you want to feel that way?  Don't you want to feel like you can accomplish your goals and feel better about yourself?  Do you want to finally lose weight and keep it off???  Don't you want to look in the mirror and love the skin you are in?  You deserve to be happy and healthy!

I focus my programs on what works for the body physiologically as well as what works for you!  I gear every program to help you acheive your goals long term with sustainable behaviors that fulfill your overall wellness. 


With this philosophy in mind I have helped people change their lives for the better... and for good!

What do you have to lose?  Remember how it feels to not be happy with yourself, your body, and your state of wellness?  Is this how you want to live?

Or do you want to start today, taking steps towards loving your body, losing weight and keeping it off, loving your mind, and the life you are living?  

Do you want to finally love the skin you are in and be strong!  To be strong mentally, emotionally, physically?

This isn't just for the wedding, the birthday celebration, the vacation you are dreaming of.  This is for you!!! This is for your life and dreams.  You deserve this!!!


Let's get started today!  Because lets be honest, life is too short to not be happy, healthy, and loving yourself and the life you live.


Let me take the heavy load, I just need you to show up and start loving yourself today!

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