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SBCC Teaching

I could not be more excited to have the job that I do.  Teaching anatomy labs has been the taste of everything I needed.  I get to geek out and share my excitement, learn new things about the body, and share a passion with others who understand the passion.  There is something about the human body that fascinates me.  Whether it is how intricate our bodies are, or how resilient they stand against the pressure we put our bodies through, the human body keeps me in awe!

Anatomy is a TON of material and detail to cover.  If you're in my anatomy class, you will know that I try to keep it fun and interactive while learning all the small structures on the bones, the O's I's and A's of the muscles, and all the neat things about the organs!  Even though we try to go over all the tips and tricks to learning this material, you only get so much time in the lab to be hands on with this 'stuff.'  With that being said, I have made resources to help with your anatomy experience.

I hope you enjoy and happy studying!

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