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I'm Dani Jones,

Hey There!



- Pregnancy & Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist

- Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coach

- Pelvis Pro

- Mental Health

Academic Degree:

- Master's of Arts in Strength & Conditioning, Exercise Physiology from Chico State

- Bachelor's of Science in Exercise Science & Human Physiology from Cal Poly Pomona


- Implementing Effective Coaching Behaviors and Pedagogical Practices into Strength & Conditioning



- Aerobic fitness markers associated with post-paddling breath-hold capacity in competitive surfers



- Masters Project: A Proposal for a Strength & Conditioning Lab Manual

I am a mama to my two daughters, an anatomy and physiology lab teacher, a Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, and a strength coach for women who want to keep pursing their athletic dreams during pregnancy and in motherhood.

Many years ago, when I started my academic journey I wanted to be an OB Gyn or a Midwife.  I loved the concept of how the body evolved through pregnancy and deliveries absolutely fascinated me!  I even observed my soccer coaches delivery and was hooked!!!

As I was taking my undergraduate classes I started to assess the lifestyle of an OB, constantly on call since babies have an agenda of their own.  Wanting a family of my own and having a very specific game plan of how I wanted to raise them, I began to feel that the OB path was not for me.  Instead I wanted to dive into the Kinesiology world, the world of movement and exercise.


I went on to get my masters in Strength and Conditioning/Exercise Physiology and after graduating I started teaching anatomy at a junior college.  I geek out when we start talking about the muscles (just ask my students).  But not only that, I am teaching my students how to move and which exercises to do to get the best results for athletic performance.  Seriously it doesn't even feel like a job, I have that much fun with it.

Then I had the best news I could ever receive... I was pregnant!  Yup, a long struggle of infertility and our dreams were answered.  So, the educated side of me starting wondering...

I know exercise really well but I don't know anything about exercising with pregnancy and postpartum.  We covered maybe a paragraph or two in my exercise classes about this "special population."  So what do I do?  I went out and learned from one of the leading physical therapists in the country and became certified as a Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist.  And guess what... I have found my niche!!!

It is funny how things come in full circle with life.  I mean, here I wanted to be an OB or a Midwife, decided it wasn't for me, fell in love with Kinesiology and human movement, then found a specific group that I can completely geek out on PREGNANT AND POSTPARTUM WOMEN!  Like it couldn't be more fitting than this!

So now, I get to help women be more than "just" a mom.  I coach women to start and continue to be athletes and pursue athletic dreams all while starting and raising their families.  I get to share my passion for exercise with others during such a beautiful and special time which makes this my absolute dream job.


I have a serious glitter thumb, am a mermaid at heart, have an itch to always grow and be challenged, and love lifting weights and racing triathlons!

I constantly am applying science & research with real day application to my own health and others.  When people say they live, breath, eat what they do... that's me ya'll !

But do you know what gets me fired up?  Like the thing that gets me to wake up in the morning.  It isn't the paycheck, its helping students and people like you truly learn about their bodies.  Such as learning how to stop peeing their pants, feeling confident in their pregnant/postpartum bodies, crushing their athletic goals, and people like you start loving and embracing their bodies and reaching their fullest potentials. 

The fun stuff about me

If You Needed a Little Pep Talk...

Well here it is!  You can do this, you totally CAN do this!  It doesn't matter what you can't do, forget about that.  What is it that you are capable to do today?  What can do you right now to help you walk in towards your goals.  Here is the thing, you will fall but you will get back up again.  It is human nature to keep on going, watch a baby for example... They fall figure out if their body is ripped apart, broken, or bleeding and then you know what they do next?  (oooo it's like a TV series getting really juicy!!! What's the plot twist?!?!)  They figure out how to do it again but better.  You've been doing it your whole lift and you can do it again now.  I believe in you and all of your capabilities, do you believe in yourself?

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