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Welcome to
the side of motherhood

Where you are welcomed before, during, and after your pregnancy with research backed findings, athletic expertise, guidance, and encouragement. 


Where you are not viewed as a fragile flower, but fragile like a bomb.  Here you are not told you can't lift more than 20 pounds but will give the gentle nudge of when to scale back the intensity. 


Where you can feel empowered and strong at this beautiful stage of life and to be set up for a lifetime of athleticism and confidence.

The Dani Jones Method

Heal your pelvic floor & core with this FREE Guide

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Hey Mama!

My name is Dani Jones

I am a pre/postnatal strength coach who is a stay at home mom after being a college anatomy professor.  I always wanted to be an OB-Gyn without the hours, so I think working with pregnant and postpartum athletes is the best job in the world (next to being a mom). 

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As a pre/postnatal strength coach I work with athletes of all kinds get strong before, during, and after their pregnancy.  Each pregnancy and postpartum is unique which can require individualized plans and exercise prescriptions to stay your strongest and most athletic self!  Apply for coaching with the link below.




One on One Coaching

The most individualized program you can get during your pregnancy and postpartum athletic career.  Backed by research, expertise as a corrective exercise specialist and strength coach you'll get exercises that are specific for your sport and your current needs during your P&P phase.


The Postpartum Lab

Just had your baby?  Congrats mama!  Now it's time to start healing your body and pelvic floor.  This general program will guide you through a progressive training to heal your pelvic floor, diastasis recti, and help reduce your pelvic floor symptoms.  You can start this days or years after delivering your baby. 



Feeling aches and pains that you can't shake?

Want to improve your running or lifting mechanics?

Apply for an individualized assessment to maximize your efforts, reduce the aches and pains during/after pregnancy, and set your body up for greatest athletic success.

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Want to read more??? There are articles discussing a wide range from teaching you about your anatomy, how to return to running and triathlons, body image and positivity, and more!  Read up on the latest!

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